Saturday Lunch

At some point, I know my kids (now 6 and 3!) will object to meals like this. The kind of meals I make them daily, which consist of leftovers or food I find in the pantry or refrigerator, with no regard to how the items “go” together, only that they cover a couple of food groups. Like Saturday’s lunch: tortellini with red sauce and Parmesan cheese, store-bought potato salad (big tub from Costco), Korean Beef Bulgogi, cucumbers (grown from our friend’s garden) and slices of fresh nectarine.

They are good eaters (I know I’m so lucky in that regard!), and don’t complain, even though Jan’s meals are far more thoughtfully composed and usually stay within one cuisine. But his dinners are usually ready at 9 or 10 pm, when they’ve long been asleep. So they get the the early bird or lunch version, where I reheat a portion of that meal and add in a few more things. (Got to make it a bit more weird, you know?)

At some point, they’ll become more discerning and learn to cook on their own (I’ve started teaching Axel how to make a few things), and I might be forced to change my ways. But for now, I’ll think of these kid meals as our version of the Whole Foods salad bar, without the $8.99 price per pound!

Crab Boil

Not sure what in particular made me want to suddenly post again, after so much time away, but here is last night’s dinner at home—a crab boil complete with snow crab legs, corn on the cob, shrimp, potatoes, spicy sausage and biscuits. Old Bay seasoning. Cava to drink. Beet horseradish + ketchup for the shrimp and sausage, butter and honey for the biscuits. And mignonette. For whatever we felt like dipping into that sweet, yet pucker-inducing sauce.

Throughout the years, I did keep up this domain, hoping that I would someday post again here. And yes this pandemic is making me a bit crazy and maybe this is a way for me to focus a bit on the good (and delicious). Here’s to more here soon!

And…we’re back!

Though I missed posting in the past few months, that didn’t mean we stopped eating. Here’s a snapshot of what we were up to:

  • Developed a taste for caviar and blini (just me, really. Jan already had it).


  • Crocheted a “Benny” amigurumi who joined in the fun.

Papillon Amigurumi

  • Found a new love (hint: it involves giant pancakes).
  • Avoided major collisions on the slopes.

photo (20)

  • Tried to duplicate the hot pink deviled eggs we ate here. I am convinced that Biergarten is using some other form of food coloring besides beet juice, since my deviled eggs soaked in beet juice were pastel pink, not hot pink.


  • Ate lots of coconut in Hawaii.

After fish tacos, we stop at a farm stand for cold, fresh coconut

  • Got a new barbecue.
  • Installed more tile and new baseboards (status: the project, started over two years ago starting from here, is “90% done,” Jan estimates).
  • Finally hosted a Raclette dinner with 8 people—putting all 8 slots into use.

photo (27)

  • Invited a Pom family to live in my refrigerator.

photo (21)

  • Drank beer delivered by the cutest donkey on Earth (in his 3 packs he carried: 1. Coronas, 2. limes, and 3. carrots, which were treats for the donkey, of course)!

photo (28)-001

  • Made “Crabby Snacks” for my book club’s dinner meeting on Silver Lining’s Playbook (followed this recipe exactly to rave reviews).
  • Tended the garden.

photo (24)

  • And, converted Jan to a lover of “breakfast for dinner” (victory!)

What’s next? Trying to overcome my fear of the barbecue.

Good Thing we had Tacos


It’s been too long since Jan and I spent a night in the kitchen, experimenting and having fun making something we’ve never made before. We are out of practice.

Since Jan’s been back from a long summer firefighting in Utah, Montana, Idaho and Washington, he’s wanted lobster tails and caviar (too many bad fire camp meals, he says). In my mind, he wants this over-the-top fancy meal every week. In his mind, it’s been ONCE. We’ll agree it’s a number somewhere in between.

In any case, how crazy is it that we live in a place where food is so accessible that Jan can ask, “Lobster tonight?” and my response be “Ugh! I’m sick of lobster!”

This time when he asked, I said I just wanted Mexican. Simple.

But Jan was in the mood for something special (and complicated), so he decided, in an effort to satisfy both of our requests: chile rellenos! Continue reading