And…we’re back!

Though I missed posting in the past few months, that didn’t mean we stopped eating. Here’s a snapshot of what we were up to:

  • Developed a taste for caviar and blini (just me, really. Jan already had it).


  • Crocheted a “Benny” amigurumi who joined in the fun.

Papillon Amigurumi

  • Found a new love (hint: it involves giant pancakes).
  • Avoided major collisions on the slopes.

photo (20)

  • Tried to duplicate the hot pink deviled eggs we ate here. I am convinced that Biergarten is using some other form of food coloring besides beet juice, since my deviled eggs soaked in beet juice were pastel pink, not hot pink.


  • Ate lots of coconut in Hawaii.

After fish tacos, we stop at a farm stand for cold, fresh coconut

  • Got a new barbecue.
  • Installed more tile and new baseboards (status: the project, started over two years ago starting from here, is “90% done,” Jan estimates).
  • Finally hosted a Raclette dinner with 8 people—putting all 8 slots into use.

photo (27)

  • Invited a Pom family to live in my refrigerator.

photo (21)

  • Drank beer delivered by the cutest donkey on Earth (in his 3 packs he carried: 1. Coronas, 2. limes, and 3. carrots, which were treats for the donkey, of course)!

photo (28)-001

  • Made “Crabby Snacks” for my book club’s dinner meeting on Silver Lining’s Playbook (followed this recipe exactly to rave reviews).
  • Tended the garden.

photo (24)

  • And, converted Jan to a lover of “breakfast for dinner” (victory!)

What’s next? Trying to overcome my fear of the barbecue.