Best Of

A selection of favorite posts

All Problems Solved with a Bit of Fried Cheese
July 2010
Cheese. Breaded. Fried. That is all.

Demystifying the Dolma
September 2010
Bring on the brine.

Girls Gone Camping
November 2010
Surviving in the wild.

Lederhosen and Lebkuchen
November 2010
A ridiculous tradition is born.

Mexican Style Shrimp Cocktail
September 2010
It’s not just for men.

Take Me Back to Tomales
May 2011
I am an oyster-shucking expert.

Lomo Saltado: A Taste of Peru
June 2011
French fries, soy sauce and online dating.

Baby Got Baklava
October 2011
Mastering sweet, syrupy layers of pastry.

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